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We Need You!


The Lanark & District Museum is run by a dedicated group of volunteers.  All of us work together to offer our community and visitors the best experience possible.  Are you interested in getting involved?  We offer so many opportunities for you to showcase your own personal interests.  Help us protect your history!

Greeting the public, cleaning, baking for events, meetings, and tour groups, planning and executing children's programs, caring for our collections, accepting donations, fundraising, building displays/shelves, and creating our displays are all regular projects that are integral to our success as a community museum. 

Here is a look at some of our larger on-going projects:

WWI - Researching our Veterans
Our volunteers have been researching the personal stories of our local WWI veterans.  We hope to showcase this project in upcoming educational exhibits, and produce a booklet for generations to come.  Can you help bring this project to life? Consider helping us to remember the amazing lives of the men and woman who served for all of us.

Urquhart Diaries - Transcriptions
We're slowly working to transcribe a series of Diaries written in Lanark Village from the 1840's - 1860's.  These fascinating writings describe in great detail what life was like in Lanark & District and refer to so many businesses and families of the area.  Never transcribed anything before?  That is okay, we'll train you!

Wood Planes
Do you know your planes?  We are trying to evaluate the quality and value of our extensive collection of wood planes and are really in need of an experts advice.

Fundraising & Crazy Quilt Naming
Dedicated volunteers are going through our collection of quilts to compile a list of all the family names found on each.  We're thrilled to help family researchers connect with their relatives through this beautiful art form. This process takes quite a bit of patience and reference work to ensure proper interpretation of the embroidery.

We are working on upgrading our system for organizing every artifact and archival resource found within our museum and we will be inputting all of this data and images into this new system.   Are you handy with a camera?  Are you interested in very detailed work?  Please contact us for more details.

Newspaper Clippings
Our volunteers have been compiling clippings from area newspapers for over 35 years and we always need on-going support to continue to clip and file obituaries, events, photographs and more!  These pieces are extremely valuable to researchers now and in the future.

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