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Getting to Know Us

Spark Your Imagination

At the Lanark & District Museum, you will feel transformed as you step into the old world. Our private collections will completely revamp your knowledge in ways you never thought were possible.  Since our beginnings, we have been dedicated to enriching the lives of all who visit our space. For regular guests, we try to keep things interesting by regularly hosting enjoyable events and interesting exhibitions, such as our beloved Kitten Mill Collection.  We hope you and your families will visit soon. We promise you will learn something new!

The New Horizon's Society

The formation of the Lanark & District Museum began in 1965 with a dedicated group of volunteers called, "The New Horizon's Society".  In 1975 the Lanark Village municipal council granted the society permission to build a museum. After  two more years of planning and fundraising the museum officially opened July 16, 1977.  In 2007 the Innisville & District Museum in Drummond Township closed.  In an effort to preserve and maintain the collection of this area's heritage, the Lanark & District Museum agreed to take on the Innisville Museum Collection.  

Since receiving the Innisville collection in 2008, the Museum's dedicated volunteers have worked diligently to conserve, protect and research these documents and artifacts for the public. The Lanark and District Museum of today features the on-going history of the Lanark Highlands, and former Drummond & Bathurst Townships in Lanark County.  

In addition, the museum maintains a growing resource collection for historical research, including numerous primary and secondary source information for your research or genealogical needs. 

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